This is EnTerTainMent

Movies @ Planes

Tangled: Classic Disney came back! Fairy Tales, Princesses, Sarcasm, Narrators, Music pieces, … all the common elements of the movies that Disney released two decades ago has been included in new Disney’s movie. I especially like animation movies and this is a good one. Recommended. For more information about the movie you could visit Yaiba’s blog and his post about the movie.

Love and Other Drugs: I was very disappointing the day I found Forrest Gump in the comedy section of a Blockbuster. Same happens to me watching a movie that is presented as a Comedy and it is want of the most dramatic stories I have seen recently. Closer to Autumn in NY than Love and other disasters. Not bad but not recommended (Friday night movie for couples).

Due date:  I have watched this movie again because the assortment that FINNAIR was offering me includes movies I have already watched or movies that I think I am not gonna watch. Second time has been better than the first. I don’t know exactly why. It seems funnier this time. Watch it if you have the chance (doesn’t mean Recommended).


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